Interview on Mixergy

Podcast published on April 8, 2013

I've been listening to Andrew Warner interview entrepreneurs on Mixergy for several years. Early on when I didn't know many people in tech startups, listening to his program was one way I learned about building a company.

Needless to say it was a privilege to join him recently and chat for about an hour on the show. A few things we covered that I hope will be interesting to fellow entrepreneurs:


I wish more early stage companies would talk about revenues, so I decided to talk about ours at Help Scout. Too many companies are happy to publicize useless vanity metrics, yet hold out when it comes to the actual business. Especially in SaaS, we need more benchmarks for early stage companies and I hope others will start talking about revenues.

Inspiration for Help Scout

From day one, we've built this product for ourselves. I've never felt I was smart enough to build a product for which I wasn't a customer. I'm very lucky to have two co-founders that took a huge risk alongside me.

Not so Lean Startup

I hope to write about this at length one day, but I touched on our approach to building product and how to involve customers in the process. We never ask customers about how to build a feature from a high level. I much prefer designing products internally with the team, and only leaning on customer feedback to get the details right. This is one of the luxuries of building a product for yourselves.

Feel free to watch the interview on the Mixergy website or below, thanks for watching!

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